Victoria, BC: The Locals’ Guide

Victoria BC has a population of over 300,000 people, a killer coastline, milder weather than its sister city, Vancouver and is touted as one of the most livable cities in ...

A Pioneer in Pioneer Square: Saké Nomi

Introducing an article by my sommelier buddy and monthly columnist for, Luke Wohlers. Luke has worked at top notch restaurants across the country, including stints at our very own The ...

Razor Clamming 101

I have friends who have gone razor clam digging, even bringing along their kids and their dogs, so it can’t be too difficult, right? I’ve seen pictures of people strewn ...


Hello Robin, Goodbye Mrs. Fields

What tops a store dedicated to ice cream? A store dedicated to ice cream AND cookies. Or in this case, cookies and ice cream. Enter three-month old Hello Robin, located in the new 19th &  Mercer building across from long-standing Capitol Hill favorites, Kingfish Cafe and Monsoon. Started by Robin Wehl Martin, who has baked […]

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Whidbey Wins

When I crave a weekend getaway requiring minimum effort that yields maximum satisfaction, Whidbey Island is high on my list. Whidbey is 35 miles long and the fourth longest island in the country. Here are my criteria for a low maintenance/highly enjoyable weekend: Convenience: A 25 minute drive on I-5 from Seattle to the Mukilteo ferry, […]

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Roll with Jen’s Most Frequented Restaurants

People often ask me – What are your favorite restaurants? The list is always evolving, but as we motor through Spring into Summer, I know I’m going to be spending a lot of time at these five joints. 1) London Plane: When I ran into London Plane owner Matt Dillon the other week, I guiltily confessed to him: […]

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Exploring Japan: Bunnies, Falcons, Hot Springs, and Tsunami Aftermath

Yasuhiko Konno, owner of the 200 year old Suisen sake brewery, has always paid close attention to the water near his home and brewery in the Iwate prefecture of Northeast Japan. Water quality is one of the critical inputs to high quality sake, and Mr. Konno has spent most of his life honing his brewing […]

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Udon Takeout Window: Wallingford’s Monopoly on the Japanese Food Scene Lives On

Sandwiched between an auto parts store and an apartment building on the corner of Stone/45th, you wouldn’t expect to find a Japanese udon takeout window; unless you are in Wallingford, and then it all makes sense. The northern Seattle neighborhood has one of the largest concentrations of Japanese food in Seattle, and the udon takeout window […]

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Brimmer & Heeltap: The Neighborhood Restaurant You Wish Were in Your Neighborhood

  As a SAMBAR loyalist, I’m ridden with skepticism and a bad attitude walking towards Brimmer & Heeltap for the first time. I’m ranting to my man: “What?! They removed the partition between the late Le Gourmand and SAMBAR? And the signature red awning is gone? This…..” I open the door and stop in mid-sentence. […]

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La Bodega: Better Than Paseo?

As the Uber driver drops me off at the address I have given him, his forehead crinkles with that parental concern as he asks, “Are you sure this is where you want me to drop you off for lunch? I don’t see nothing on this street.” Tucked in a little protective nook behind a tree […]

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Fremont “Upstairs” Has Arrived

When do you know a neighborhood has “made” it? I polled a few people and the answers vary: ” When it’s got a bar, convenience store, and a greasy diner all within a few hundred yards. ” “When all the lawns look nice and people don’t litter them with Miller beer cans.” “When parking becomes […]

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Port Townsend: The All-Weather Weekend Getaway

I’ve heard Port Townsend referred to as the Paris of the Pacific Northwest. Now, that may be an overreach, but after spending a few days in this charming Victorian-era town on the Olympic Peninsula, I can see why Seattleites tout Port Townsend as the perfect year-round weekend destination spot. With an extensive network of biking and […]

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San Francisco: Primer on Rolling Casual

There are so many outstanding places to eat in San Francisco that in order to keep myself from getting overwhelmed by all the choices, I choose a theme, then planning commences from there. Previous themes that have served me well: Street food, Mission District dining, Michelin-starred restaurants. This time, with the exception of a side […]

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La Bête Middle Eastern Night: Chicks Rule

In an industry dominated by men, it is exciting to see not just one, but two extraordinary female culinary masterminds join forces for one night to cook a Middle Eastern feast. On November 3rd, Taylor Cheney (of La Bête) will be teaming up with Laila El-Haddad to cook up a multi-course feast from El-Haddad’s cookbook, The […]

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