Tuna bowl - I still can't get enough of you

A year in pictures: Revel’s 1st year

December 26, 2011 | 3 Comments.

Much as proud parents compile a scrapbook of their baby’s 1st year in this world, here is my tribute to Roll with Jen’s most photographed restaurant of the year:  Revel.  Note:  Art of the Table was a close second.

Happy 1st Birthday, Rachel, Seif, Dale, Antoinette and the rest of the stellar Revel crew.  Thank you for putting the Fremont food scene back on the map.


Jen, one of your many devout followers

Winter 2010 menu

Short rib dumplings with pickled onions - A staple on your menu
And speaking of short ribs, I think Revel fans would revolt if you ever took the short rib rice bowl off the menu.
For an extra flavor boost, we can always count on your housemade sauces


…and then you debuted your weekend brunch in January 2011 which fast became a key food destination for the hungry and hip.

The best American classic-style diner can't compete with Revel's take on the eggs, bacon, hash and toast
Your comforting varieties of porridges (andouille shrimp with ginger scallion pictured here) helped me get through another Seattle winter

You switched up a few things in Spring 2011 which rocked my world (in a good way).  My favorites:

Tuna bowl - I still can't get enough of you
I was sad when we bid farewell to the clam with knife-cut basil noodle dish, but like a good Pacific Northwest restaurateur, you align your menu with the seasons

…and eventually Summer 2011 rolled around and we feasted on your back deck.

Hard to beat the outdoor seating at Revel
Only to be slightly trumped by the outdoor deck of your connected bar, Quoin
Your hot dog with mornay sauce had me conjuring up crazy ideas such as running off and joining a circus in France (or maybe that was the lemongrass soju talking)


Your Kimchi Bloody Mary always makes me want to get hammered the night before, just so I can justify ordering one or two


Even though you whip out mighty fine vegetarian options, you bring out the carnivore in me with your kalbi burger


No need to knife-and-fork the kalbi burger as you can assemble into a perfect bite

You helped the good people of Seattle acclimate to this year’s 2011 Filler (I mean, Fall) season with your continued menu creativity.


I felt less crappy about the start of Fall when you debuted your housemade ricotta and cauliflower puree dumplings with black seasame truffle sauce

Now we are heavy into winter and the hits keep coming.


I think I have ordered this dish at least three times a week since its late November entrance onto your menu - Dungeness crab, handmade seaweed noodles, bok choy, red curry and creme fraiche


Sweet and savory shrimp bulgur and kale salad adorned with grapes and dukkah - Who knew a salad could be so fun?
Spicy beef and bone marrow hot pot - Reminds me of the beef soup at Revel's older sister, Joule


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