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Jen Chiu is the award-winning food, travel, and lifestyle writer of Roll with Jen.

When Jen was 8, her dad told her, “A life without good food is a life not worth living.”  Although her dad may have been half-joking, Jen has taken that mantra to heart, and spends a good deal of her life searching for the best food, travel and adventure in the world. She’s eaten at The White House, out of trucks on the side of the road and everywhere in between.

Jen loves exploring her hometown of Seattle, in addition to documenting off-the-beaten-path adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and more.

As a weekly columnist for Seattle Weekly, her featured articles yielded some of the highest site traffic. She is currently a regular contributor for Eater Seattle.

Jen’s successful independent consulting business helping Fortune 500 companies solve their most complex problems sometimes pulls her away from non-stop exploring, but it has also illuminated a new audience: the people who want unique experiences, but don’t have time to do all their own research. When working professionals are on the go around the world, they need a trusted source to do the research for them. Roll With Jen gets down to business fast.

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