Roll with Jen produces videos that are fresh, fun, culturally-intelligent, and adventurous. With an insatiable curiosity and wit, I excel in extrapolating interesting stories from each person and place whether it’s staying in a treehouse in a remote part of northern Sweden, playing in a bike polo match or exploring the Taiwanese street food scene. I takes viewers on action-packed journeys as a tastemaker and curator of unique experiences, appealing to a hipper generation of travelers.

Samples of my work:

Excerpts from Travel Channel Pilot

I loved partnering with a Seattle-based production company to shoot the pilot for Travel, which included playing in a friendly game of bike polo (it’s way harder than it looks!):

Eating pig eye and other parts of a pig after partaking in an afternoon of pig butchering with my talented buddy Edouardo Jordan (owner/executive chef of Salare restaurant, recently featured in The New York Times….it’s so damn good. You want to eat here.) and co- executive chef/butcher extraordinaire Tyler Paglagi of Radiator Whiskey (round up a crew of your piggy loving friends and try their Beast Feast):

and getting intimate with Seattle’s pinball scene at Shorty’s:

Travel ended up passing on the pilot which was not the news I was hoping for, but whatevs, I’m not easily discouraged. I’m re-energized and plotting my next projects.

Roll with Jen seeks out your not-so-usual spots in Seattle

I funded and produced this video to pay homage to unconventional dining experiences and adventures in my home base of Seattle: High-end coffee from an Airstream trailer, a look at Seattle’s musical roots with one of Seattle’s most revered DJs at KEXP, sushi served out of a truck, and an elaborate urban mountain bike park to name a few.

This self-funded production led to an opportunity with Travel Channel to shoot an international food and travel pilot. Partnering with Screaming Flea production, we produced a 12 minute pilot.

Roll with Jen Goes to Japan
Backing up a little….Five years ago, I thought hey, wouldn’t it be cool to watch a food and travel show hosted by a witty and intelligent chick? Instead of waiting for that day to happen, I decided why not try and fill the void? Without ever spending any time in front of the camera or knowing what’s at all required to produce a pilot, I started doing research on locations/people to shoot and hired an entire production crew to join me in Japan.

My rad supporters contributed to my Kickstarter campaign:

Weekend Fix with Omar Benson Miller

My buddy Taichi Kiatmura and I made a feature appearance on Omar Benson Miller’s travel show pilot on Esquire, Weekend Fix. I was also hired as Benson’s fixer and pulled together the segments for his pilot in Seattle.


Allreceipes Menu Planner

I was hired by David Albright Media to introduce Allrecipes’ new product, Menu Planner.

Featured in another video produced by David Albright Media that was displayed at the Allrecipes booth at the 2015 annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Bridget Meyer

Photo Credit: Bridget Meyer