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Barjot, Capitol Hill’s New Neighborhood Coffee Spot

August 7, 2014 | 2 Comments.

The only thing missing when I lived on the corner of  Bellevue/East Thomas in Capitol Hill 12 years ago was that cozy neighborhood cafe; one that spends as much energy on the food menu as crafting the perfect espresso.

Did you know a Central Perks cafe replica opened in Beijing last year?
Disregard this Friends reference if you were just a baby in the 90s: The legacy of Friends made us all  of us want a neighborhood coffee shop (and perfect hair days like Jennifer Aniston)


Cafe Barjot, that neighborhood spot I always wanted, is now here (unlike the swimming pool made of chocolate pudding I’ve coveted since I was a kid), just a few blocks from my old apartment; only I don’t live in Capitol Hill anymore.

But that isn’t going to stop me from becoming a regular at Cafe Barjot or searching for an Olympic-sized chocolate pudding pool.



Opened by Wylie Bush, the long-term owner of the beloved 17 year old Joe Bar on East Roy, Barjot opened a little over a month ago. Nestled in a rare quiet bastion of densely populated Capitol Hill underneath the Belroy apartments on Bellevue Avenue, Barjot is one of those places where the sound of birds chirping isn’t superseded by delivery trucks and construction.

When asking Bush how the vibe at Barjot compares to JoeBar which is only a few blocks away: “I feel like I’ve moved to another country. Some of our Joe Bar regulars hang out here, but we’re also seeing a whole new pool of people who live within striking distance of Barjot. It’s been really nice.”

Lone man sitting outside Chico Madrid: I think he must have scared off the other diners
Lone man sitting on the patio of Barjot: Rare moment of solitude on the popular patio likely due to physical appearance of lone man (lone man = my main man Mark)


Breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch, morning coffee, afternoon coffee are all ideal scenarios to visit Barjot. All items are under 10 bucks. The food menu is thoughtfully created by Megan Ramussen, the longtime mastermind behind Joe Bar’s crepes and sandwiches.

To give you an idea of my favorites items :

– Breakfast: Frothy Morning Glory Chai, Blueberry Coffee cake (still warm when I ordered it) and the canelé.

– Lunch: I’m a sucker for Barjot’s daily soup specials, particularly the Vichyssoise (a French style soup with a puree of leeks, potato, and cream) and Gazpacho. I also loved Ramussen’s Italian pizzelle cookie, the perfect dipping companion to my latte.

– Brunch: Lobster Mushroom scramble with a freshly baked chive scone.

The staff favorite seems to be the bread pudding with fruit conserves and vanilla cream.
The staff favorite seems to be the bread pudding served with fruit conserves and vanilla cream


Bush has the memory of an elephant  (remembering that I biked to his spot last week, he inquired if I biked to Barjot this morning while making my drink) and is as warm as your nicest friend.

Craving great food, coffee drinks and a sunny place to enjoy it? Head here for your dose of comfort and killer food. Hours are currently 6am-2pm. Bush is looking to extend his hours once he secures his liquor license.


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  1. Roll with Jen

    YAY! So happy to hear Ines is back in business. I can’t wait to check out her new digs.

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