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Portland City Guide

Is Portland really the young person’s utopia and where they go to retire? I dunno, but this piece from the New York Times explores the topic. Here’s an excerpt: “The city has nearly all the perks that economists suggest lead to a high quality of life — coastlines, mountains, mild winters and summers, restaurants, cultural […]

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Review: Cacao in Portland

Sometimes I crave the expertise of a specialty store, but not the attitude or pretension that goes along with it. In comes the Pearl District’s Cacao riding in on a refined yet approachable horse that makes me feel like this is the type of chocolate specialty store where you can walk in with either a Prada bag or a bike messenger sack and stay a […]

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Review: Nong’s Food Truck (Portland)

In honor of this weekend’s Mobile Chowdown in West Seattle, I am dedicating this post to a food truck I think sets the gold standard for all other food trucks: Nong’s Khao Man Gai (aka – THE chicken rice place) on 10th/Alder in Portland’s downtown. Here are the reasons for Nong’s success: She has a […]

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