Cellos and Asian cooking – Interview with RN74’s Luke Wohlers

November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments.

The opening of Michael Mina’s Seattle outpost of RN74 is one of the most talked about restaurants of the year.  Here is an interview with one of  Seattle’s finest sommeliers – Luke Wohlers.  And yes ladies, Mr. Wohlers is easy on the eyes.

1) What is your favorite restaurant?

I love Phnom Penh Noodle House in the International District. I find myself there weekend mornings over a bowl of noodle soup.  True comfort food.

2) What do you like to do when you are not busting your butt at work?

I studied cello at university but when I started working in the hospitality industry, I quit playing for quite a few years. I try to find a few minutes every day to jam.  I love the problem-solving element of practicing.

3) If you were an airline pilot and could only fly between two cities for the rest of your life, what two cities and why?

If it were purely my independent choice, you could pin me down to Seattle and Philadelphia. But my wife Trinie loves a hot, sunny climate where there’s street food so we’d probably end up in Taipei on one of those choices. Which would be perfectly fine by me!

4) What ingredients do you wish were easier to obtain in Seattle? (E.g. Mangoes, certain types of seafood)

Seattle really has a bounty of ingredients available. And I believe Seattle is more than competitive when it comes to any aspect of the food scene. It has the second largest Ethiopian population in the U.S. after Washington D.C. and Cambodian comes third, I believe. For my wife and I (because we like to cook), finding Southeast Asian ingredients is the most challenging.


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