Chef Chris Blanco Makes An Evangelist Out Of Me

September 21, 2012 | 0 Comments.

As my gyrotonics instructor asks how I am doing during our workout yesterday, I excitedly tell her, “I am  having 10 people over to my house for a dinner party.”  She empathetically looks at me and says, “Wow, you have a lot going on…cooking for all these people this evening.”

Oh, I am not cooking. I assure her.  I have a chef coming over to our pad and doing all of the work.  All I have to do is pick up Lucky Peach magazines and socks off the ground, pull out some cheese and cured meats, and then the culinary fairy will take care of the rest.

When chef guru and friend, Chris Blanco, heard about my kickstarter campaign to film a pilot in Japan, he generously offered to host a dinner party as one of the kickstarter rewards because that is how cool he is.  The 10 spots filled up instantly.

Chef Chris and his lovely assistant Allegra, starting to prep

So last night, we feasted on a 4-course meal:  Jumbo white chanterelles (Chris’ dad is conveniently a forager), clams, and everyone’s favorite: a juicy Icelandic lamb patty (we were all convinced the clean taste and tenderness were attributed to little lamb happily pimpin’ in the Blue Lagoon before his demise) on top of sweet potatoes and drizzled with more of those meaty chanterelles.

I am not a regular church-goer or anything, but that doesn’t exclude me from having occasional revelations nor does it mean I am not an evangelist…A Chris Blanco evangelist.  Seriously people, Blanco is the perfect solution when you want to have people over for dinner, but don’t want to be stuck cooking.  So, get on it, and feel free to invite me to your next dinner party.

Feasting on the first course - Mixed greens topped with marinated chanterelles and thinly shaved golden beets in a vinaigrette dressing

Want more info?  You can also read more about Chris.

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