Owner Miles James in action

Dots’ Delicatessen: The Best French Food Is At My Neighborhood Butcher Shop

June 14, 2013 | 2 Comments.

Fremont’s Dot’s Delicatessen is the place to be when you want to get your hands on French fare favorites such as Pot-au-feu (a French stew Dot’s serves in a brightly colored individual-sized le creusets), Epoisses fondue, steak frites, and a proper charcuterie plate.

Named after owner Miles James’ grandmother, James’ foray into starting his own business was a sausage cart he ran in the SODO. The cart was a low cost way of testing out his product, and the results were clear: people wanted more.

Miles James, a closet Frenchie

In July of 2011, James turned a space that was once a grocery store in the early 1900s into a unique mix of neighborhood butcher shop, cafe, and bistro.

You can definitely drop by and pick up sausage and porkchops for your next good ol’ American-styled barbecue, but it is the French-inspired meats in the deli case that win my attention: Chicken liver mousse, duck pate, bone-in lamb.

Bone-out piggy technique we learned in a butchering class at Dot's

Equally as inspiring is Dot’s fromage (cheese) section and bistro menu. Steak frites, mussels and fries (Dot’s fries are the best in town), beef tongue, merguez sausage sandwich, and steak tartare all make selecting your meal way more challenging than training for an Ironman.

Pate heaven

What’s up with Dot’s and its Frenchy tendencies? James, along with some of his superstar staff, worked at French restaurants Cremant, Campagne, and Gramercy Tavern before gracing Fremont with their presence.

What is not to miss, in addition to all of the goodies I already referenced in the article:

Beef carpaccio with capers, shallots, watercress, and parmigiano reggiano
  • James and crew are always switching up the specials and deli case, but if you ever see the egg biscuit sandwich on the weekend brunch menu, don’t pass it up.
  • The soups are always outstanding (kohlrabi, squash, split pea, whatever it is, you want it)
  • The next time calf brain pate is in the deli case, I am going for it.
  • Dessert: I hear the bread pudding is spectacular, but I go for the trusty rice pudding every time


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