A margarita may feel summery, but Pecado Bueno's roasted squash quesadillas are my new favorite comfort food

Edible remedy for seasonal affective disorder

October 25, 2011 | 1 Comment.

The leaves are falling, scarves are in full force, and those Tevas are going back into storage.  Yep, it’s fall again and here are some eats to embrace this time of year.

  • Where ya At Matt is spicing up his legendary “always hot off the fryer” beignets with a pumpkin variety of the doughy goodness.  These guys are lightly topped with Matt’s secret pumpkin pie sauce and finished with powdered sugar.  I know you Where ya At Matt lovin’ beignet purists out there are freakin’ out, but don’t knock it until you have tried it.  Has Matt every led us astray?
These beignets evoke the same gleefulness as funnel cakes and elephant ears when I was a kid
  • Dot’s Delicatessen is the epitome of comfort food with items such as steak frites, lamb shank sandwiches, white bean soup with Andouille sausage, but they have really outdone themselves in the weather-appropriate  category by  debuting their 4 inch and 7 inch personal sized chicken pot pies.  Tip: Call ahead if you want ‘em to slip a pie in the oven for you before you get in as they take about 15-20 mins to cook or just nibble on some rabbit terrine as you wait.
  • Co-owner and master chef Laurie Reidman of Elemental is gettin’ down and cozy with some duck cassoulet.  She changes up the menu changes every week, but I suspect she has some more fall seasonal treats planned for the upcoming months.
  • 2-week old Pecado Bueno is scoring some love among the Fremont local vegetarian scene with their roasted butternut squash and their chunky pica de gallo and manga salsa.  Pecado’s manager says their mantra is to generate the same type of excitement as the trendy taco trucks floatin’ around Seattle with flavorful food and taco truck prices.   With $3 margaritas, an outdoor fire pit, and most entrees averaging in the $7 or $8 range, Upper Fremont just got a little bit cooler.
A margarita may feel summery, but Pecado Bueno's roasted squash quesadillas feel as Fall appropriate as my hearty rain boots
  • Revel’s monthly dessert rotation has transitioned from berry crumbles and ice cream sandwiches to fall-appropriate fruit:  Chocolate bread pudding with caramelized apple and caramelized pear ice cream with fennel sable are on the docket.  October is nearing an end so check back in a week to see what the pastry chef is concocting for November.
  • Fall food is not complete without mentioning the iconic fall dessert:   Pumpkin pie.  Although Simply Desserts is known for their cakes, my favorite time of the year to visit this Fremont establishment is in the Fall when they whip out their pumpkin pie.  Flaky crust, balanced filling, this is the best pumpkin pie in town.
I hardly notice the chocolate cake in the background as I am fully distracted by the imminent prospect of devouring a slice of Simply Dessert's pumkin pie



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  1. Thank you for the mention. We are still working out all the kinks but having fun and will be adding items next week, salads, soups a great Mexi hot dog and desserts


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