First Look: Cafe Suisse

March 11, 2012 | 0 Comments.

When I see a business professing to be the real deal in its name, I am instantly suspicious.  It is like calling a restaurant The French Bistro which likely means you will see french fries, cookies molded in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and other faux-Parisian cuisine on the menu.

But after falling in love with Switzerland after a brief visit to Santa Cruz-like Lausanne, Switzerland, my curiosity gets the best of me and I make a quick pit stop into ~2 week old Caffe Suisse on the walk home from work.

Next to Swiss native Urs Berger and his wife Leslie Conti’s eurostyle store, lies a petite cafe with a wooden wall that has a cross-shaped window (resembling the key symbol on the Swiss flag), where you can watch watch Berger meticulously craft the wooden toys he sells in his store.

I go from adult skeptic to exhibiting giddy child-like behavior.  Neato!” I blurt out loud as I forget to use my inside voice.


My new calling in life - Toy maker voyeur

If that isn’t eye catching enough, all of the Swiss candies and cookies are enough to make you actually believe in dear ol’ Saint Nick.  And we are not talking about the fancy unaffordable kind reminding you how strong the Swiss franc is compared to the dollar.  Rather, these are the type of treats you would spot at a typical grocery store in Switzerland, where you can load up on goodies with just a few bucks in your pocket.

Ended up giving my Swiss-born friend the Kagl-fret which she says resembles a Kit-Kat, only better. I am personally addicated to the Ragusa Noir.

The 2 week old petite cafe has a modern European decor/feel with simple and tasteful furnishings.

For you downtowners or South Lake Union hard working professionals, this is the perfect walk-accessible morning or afternoon pit stop diversion.  Where else can you get your fill of toy making viewing, while picking up affordable Swiss snacks and sipping on a pick-me-up mocha or a cup of the real deal Swiss hot chocolate?

If you spot Santa, I mean Mr. Berger, tell him I am in the market for a wooden iPad case.

Address:  2008 Westlake Avenue

Hours:  6am-6pm, Monday- Saturdays


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