Beautiful chocolate from Ptrick Rogers' store in Beautiful Paris

Out of office reply: I am currently out of the office as I am stuffing my face in Paris

April 21, 2011 | 1 Comment.


Chocolate from Patrick Roger’s store in Paris, known for its exquisite chocolate displays.

I am embarking on a one week chocolate and  gastronomy adventure (sold out!) with prominent food blogger David Lebovitz and nine other food enthusiasts.   We will be spending our days visiting chocolate labs, cheese ripening caves and pastry kitchens while dining in spectacular restaurants throughout Paris and Lausanne, Switzerland.

I cannot decide if I am more excited about watching famed Jacques Genin make chocolate or heading to the cellar of Paris’ much loved bakery – Poilane –  in the heart of St Germain des Pres where they have been baking their signature French sourdough loaves the same way since 1932.  Their breads use sourdough as a starter and are baked in traditional wood fired ovens.

As with a lot of great discoveries, it was a total whim how I discovered David Lebovitz and his food tours.  Back in November 2010, my husband and I took a half day cooking course with Parisian Paule Caillat in her pimped out Promenade Gourmandes kitchen in Paris.  I was intrigued as the spunky and quasi-volatile Caillat who is conservative with her compliments (especially as it pertains to Americans) warmly talked about Lebovitz and his blog.  Her affinity towards him could have something to do with the yin and yang concept (she is shamelessly unforgiving and he is warmly approachable), their shared respect for each other’s culinary achievements or the mere he devoted an entire blog entry about her french tart dough recipe.

Regardless, when I returned from Paris, I curiously hopped on Lebovitz’s blog and was immediately lured in by his insights, down-to-earth nature and sense of humor.  After consuming his personal account of his first year living in Paris in “My Sweet Life in Paris,” I was hooked.

So, I have officially bid a temporary 10-day sianara to project plans, client meetings and budgets and transitioned to vacation food mode.  I have officially set my out of office reply and my mantra for the next week is:  “With my mind on food and food on my mind.”  Just as Snoop would say if he were into food as much as he is into other substances.

I will be documenting my travel adventures so please check my site for updates.


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