In Search of the Endless Summer

Weather guru Cliff Mass is touting this summer as the best we Seattleites have had in half a century. Instead of waving the white flag signaling the end of shorts and flip-flop weather, I spit on those Fall clothing sales in search of the endless summer.

1) No other food quite screams summer as much as ice cream, and one of my favorite places to get my creamy dairy fix is the same place that satiates my soba craving: Miyabi in Wallingford. In addition to building a cult following by churning out treats such as traditional made soba and foie tofu, Soma has got dessert covered too.

Miyabi’s creamy green tea ice cream with firm buckwheat cookies would suffice on its own, but as usual, Soma delightfully over delivers with a few splashes of black honey, kinako powder, and azuki beans.

I don't recommend fork and knifing this one. This is a "hands-on initiative"

And while you are at Miyabi, you may as well spring for an uni (sea urchin) shot.

Uni with a quail egg: It's practically dessert

2) Speaking of ice cream, the theme of La Bete’s Monday night global pop-up is currently Middle Eastern, and if you give a damn about summer on the Hill,  the rose hibiscus sorbet and sultana ice cream is for you.

And while you are there…If you haven’t tried Taylor Cheney’s chicken tagine or homemade flatbread, you are missing out. Cheney, who spent a year in Egypt studying Arabic cuisine, switches the menu line-up every week. Lovers of Capitol Hill’s other Middle Eastern restaurant, Mamnoon, will be in heaven.

3) Westward, Josh Henderson’s new venture on Lake Union, is fun, quirky, and polished all at the same time. Whether you feel like taking a seat at the bar to take in the details of the boat bar dioramas or crave a seat at the oyster bar or outside, views of Lake Union and the city await.

And they just may have the coziest bar stools around

Or kick back in one of Westward's Adirondack chairs with an umbrella and an adult beverage


Start with smoked trout caviar and finish it off with Matika, which is apparently a “crazy Greek thing.” Yes, I admit it smells a little like diesel, but it tastes like a smoother and sweeter Aquavit.

Smoked trout caviar with creme faiche to dress up the housemade potato chips

Life Aquatic, The Love Boat, and some distinguished maritime dudes representing at Westward


4) Tanakasan shave ice: I covet the limited places that serve one of my favorite desserts in the galaxy, shave ice. Din Tai Fung and Facing East are great East side options, Marination Makai satiates West Seattleites, but where can fellow lovers of the Taiwanese-originated dessert get our fix in Seattle proper?

At Tom Douglas’ Tanakasan. The ice is as fine and as light as a bunny’s cotton tail.

Tanakasan's shave ice is topped with candied fruit

5) And if you think summer has been excessive and you are ready for pumpkin beer and watching football, then here is a buttery carb option for you: Crumble & Flake’s pistachio croissant.

The nutty croissant tends to only make an appearance on weekends, but don’t worry. If you forget and show up on a weekday, I’m sure the signature smoked paprika cheddar croissant will serve as a good fallback plan.

The pistachio croissant (the one with the powdered sugar) amongst an assortment of buttery treats

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