Little Uncle officially changed their name this week as Chipotle is planning to open up a chain of restaurants called "Shophouse."

Monday date night: Part II

September 22, 2011 | 1 Comment.

With distended bellies and an hour to kill before the headline event of the night – Jon Rowley’s crab cracking class – my eating companion and I set out for La Bete on foot.  Only like Sitka & Spruce on Monday nights, La Bete’s low-lit cool space takes on a new dimension.

The normally French-themed restaurant brings along its funky hip vibe and travels to Southeast Asia with the vibrant PK and Wiley Frank busting out Thai street food at their pop-up restaurant –   Little Uncle.  The chefs pop in on Monday evenings starting at 5pm and pop out when they sell out of food.

Little Uncle is named after chef PK's father. Go figure.

The youthful pair are not newcomers to the food scene as they have been feeding the hungry people of Capitol Hill at the space previously occupied by Licorous until permanent tenants moved in – Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium.  Wiley is also the sous chef at Josh Sundstrom’s small plates restaurant concept Lark.  The duo also rolls to the Columbia City Farmers Market every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm and will be there until October 19th.

After scanning the menu and eyeing dishes such as Crispy Trout with homemade curry paste, lime leaf and pole beans and the Spicy Beef salad with dried chili, shallot, I am filled with regret.  Why didn’t I wear stretchy pants with a loose waistband so I can further load up my belly after feasting on tacos at Sikta & Spruce?  But alas, I come to the conclusion I can only manage a cocktail and dessert without busting any seams.

On the docket – Pandan rice flour noodles and black rice offset by shaved ice and coconut cream.  Think potpourri of lightly sweetened and cool gelatinous carbs.  If you are into Taiwanese shaved ice, you will be all over this dessert like me.

We wash it all down with “The Root Awakening” (whiskey, root, pomegranate molasses, OJ and mint) and toast to a fun stop at this Thai pop-up joint with a deliberate vow to return soon with empty stomachs.

Chipotle is opening a chain called Shophouse, which prompted the Franks to officially change their restaurant's name this week from Shophouse to Little Uncle.

Tip:  Little Uncle updates their spread on a weekly basis.  To get a sneak preview of what the chefs have in store for each Monday, check out their  Facebook page a few days in advance.

Little Uncle posts the weekly menu on their fb page

Stay tuned to read the last segment of my Monday date night:

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