Moore Coffee: Of Course I Will Have A Tamale With My Bacon Latte

April 24, 2013 | 1 Comment.

While most people excitedly head to 2nd/Stewart in the evening to catch a show at the Moore Theater, my favorite time is in the morning and my destination is the petite coffee shop that is situated next to the Moore Theater, not surprisingly called Moore Coffee Shop.

Although this two-year old coffee shop is likely the runner-up for smallest business in downtown, second only to bike messenger-coveted takeaway window Monorail Espresso, Moore is the spot I recommend to pals who want a relaxing start to their morning and are intrigued by options more than just your typical mocha or latte.

Decked out with a sleek faux-fireplace, a modern long booth with three petite tables, the natural light and soft music in the background make this coffee spot one pontificating-conducive environment.  I have to watch myself or else I easily run the risk of falling into a meditative state that has me foregoing the calendar reminder going off on my iPhone and the fact that the meter maid or meter gentleman is on his/her way to bust me.

Time slows down in this joint offering cold brews, creative lattes of the month, European silverware dishes and old school orange covers for your to-go coffee cups.

What can one expect from a bacon latte? Think normal latte + a hint of bacon flavoring, topped with two strips of bacon. Those powder protein drinks can suck it.

And what do I pair with my coffee drink?   A tamale.

The owners are from Mexico, and for $1.83, you can pick up one of their homemade tamales.  My favorite is the chicken, but you can’t go wrong if you choose the veggie or pork.  If you eat your tamale there, the staff will warm it up for you and bring you two squeeze bottles filled with their house made red and green sauce.  Do not forgo the sauce.

So, the next time you are downtown and feeling like more than just your typical muffin to go with your espresso, head over to Moore Coffee.

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  1. OMG. Had no idea this place existed…within walking distance of my office! Tamales…mmmmmmmm.

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