Mutsuko Soma Will Make You the Best Ramen In Seattle

Mutsuko Soma, the energetic executive chef of one of my favorite restaurants in town, Miyabi, has floored Sea-town with edible treasures such as her handmade soba noodles and uni shots.

And now Soma is already onto her next culinary challenge: Venturing into ramen territory.

Jiro ramen (photo courtesy of Mutsuko Soma/Miyabi)

This Sunday, June 2nd from 11am-2:30pm and on Monday, June 3rd from 5pm-10m, Soma will be transforming her soba haven into a killer ramen pop-up.

Cult followers of ramen know the variations of ramen likely outnumber the total of your extended family. Tonkotsu and miso are some of the common types served around town.

Soma is busting out a more obscure type of ramen called jiro ramen, which I suspect few of us have had the gluttonous honor of trying. My buddy in Japan describes it as a “magnificent gut bomb.” The ultra-fatty pork broth and rough cuts of chashu pork are a piggy lover’s fantasy.

Last time I was at Miyabi, Soma dropped off a few slices of pork at our table. She said she was experimenting with it for her upcoming ramen fest, and by the looks of her subtle confident grin, I could tell she was really excited for us to try it. My pals and I took a bite and were floored at its tenderness. I reckon even a toothless man could get his eats on with this chashu pork.

Photo courtesy of Mutsuko Soma/Miyabi

Soma is hell-bent on getting me to try her ramen. “I will make you the best ramen in Seattle,” she assures me. Knowing she has never led my appetite astray, I am easily convinced.

Soma is currently taking reservations for her pop-up. Contact the restaurant and I will see you there.

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