My Sweet Lil Cakes: Move Over Corn Dogs

February 27, 2013 | 1 Comment.

The Truck (or trailer in this case):My Sweet lil Cakes, located on Melrose and Pine across from Li’l Woody’s, 5 days a week from 7am-5pm.

The Food: Pancakes on a stick

The Stop: Blow pops, tootsie roll pops, cotton candy. If you remember your childhood, you may associate food on a sick with cartoons, neighborhood bicycle rides, Slip n’Slides, and sticker books. When I hear about Jesse and Sheena’s pancake stuffed treats on a stick, I make my way to Capitol Hill to see if My Sweet Lil Cakes is as fun as watching Double Dare or Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon.

As I smell caramel corn in the air about a block from the popping orange truck, I am already feeling carnival-giddy. Except this time, I know I am going to be rewarded with more than Puyallup’s largest pumpkin and a played-out funnel cake.

The selections of savory options slightly outnumber the sweet, which is a treat for those of us who want to make the experience on a stick a lunch affair. Although the chorizo with peppers and cheese sounds like the spicy kick that could warm me up better than a porous earthy-colored fleece, I cannot turn down one of the ultimate comfort foods: chicken and waffle with housemade maple butter.

Each stuffed waffle-like treat is made fresh to order on the spot and thoughtfully accompanied with the appropriate sauce on the side. The couple consulted Andaluca’s beloved former chef Nami Soto when concocting the menu ensemble so it is no shock the flavor combinations are spot on. Case in point, the chicken and waffle is great as a standalone, but dipping it into the duo’s housemade maple butter elevates it status to Roll with Jen’s short list of best truck eats.

If a meteorite is going to strike and it is my last day on Mother Earth, I want to expire happy so I go all-in with my dessert choice – the red velvet. It is loaded with plump dark cherries and a sweet cream cheese frosting that is so good I find myself smearing the creamy topping on my finger and then licking my paws clean.

If you are into more than just food eye candy, the attractive couple reminds me more of actors than food truck operators.

Note: If you are a talent scout for the Mickey Mouse Club and you are looking to do a grown-up version of the cute wholesome kids series, you should recruit Jesse and Sheena. With a hint of glamour and two hints of wholesome goodness, the duo’s upbeat personalities are sure to draw a crowd.

Jesse tells me it has been a two year process from coming up with their concept to last Thursday’s opening day. It would not have taken that long had heir first trailer not been totaled on its way for delivery.

Thinking about something that looks like a corn dog but tastes as good as any appetizer or dessert at a high-end restaurant almost made me forget one of my favorite menu items. Sheen’a spicy chai!

As I order the chai, I am met with a genuine concerned sister look: Sheena warns me this chai is spicy, and more caffeinated than your typical cup of jo. The Indian tea has got a tingles your throat kind of punch and a caffeine kick that will offset any food lethargy brought on by not controlling yourself to one or two sweet lil cakes.

Sneak preview: Jesse tells me they have upcoming plans to park themselves outside the Neptune and work the concert scene.

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First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on February 20th, 2013.


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