New Brunch Spots Open Just in Time to Brighten Up Seattle

October 30, 2012 | 4 Comments.

Since I am always seeking out more than just your typical greasy spoon diner, here are three Seattle brunch newcomers that have charmed their way into my top five list:

The Wandering Goose: As I walk into the narrow 30-seater that is Capitol Hill’s newest brunch spot , I am welcomed with an energetic vibe and casual hipness.  I feel like I am in San Francisco and I love it.   The restaurant/grab-and-go hybrid “place your order at the counter, pay, grab a seat, and they bring you your food” may not fit the bill for people who like the formality of being greeted and seated, but is perfect for restless people like me who want to dine and dash.

The windows on the left peer into Ethan Stowell's latest restaurant, Rione XIII

The concept at the Goose is modern Southern-inspired fare.  They are off to a good start by nailing the quinessential biscuit sandwich.  The Sawmill, a fried chicken sandwich loaded with aged cheddar and housemade gravy, is my favorite.  Another great option is the Oyster BLT, loaded with fried oysters, pepper jelly, bacon, tomato, and butter lettuce.

When I am not in a bready mood, I leach onto The Hangtown Fry: a plateful of fried chicken, fried oysters sitting on a bed of potatoes and creamy sauce.

Hangin' with the Hangtown Fry

The owner, who originally hails from North Carolina and used to co-own Volunteer Park Cafe, hasn’t forgotten her sweet roots as the counter is lined with pastry porn, all made in-house.

Joule: Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi’s first restaurant reopened last week in the Fremont Collective with the same East meets West theme, only this time, they are also trying their hand at brunch.  Joule’s brunch menu consists of a buffet bar filled with seasonal treats such as Kale salad with persimmons, delicata squash and chevre tarts, biscuits and even a cheese ensemble.

The buffet bar is enough to fill your appetite, but as part of the $18 food ticket, you also get to choose from one of seven items on the menu.  It’s a free country so do what you would like but I would pick the chicken fried steak and sesame waffles.  People are also raving about the brown rice, charred sunchoke, and molasses cereal.

You can read more on The Fremont Collective and on my pics from last year on non-conformist brunch venues.

Picking up treats from the buffet bar - Biscuit with marmalade, Asian pear and apple salad seasoned with sage and jasmine, quinoa salad with squash, and a pickled beet salad scented with vanilla

Sushi Kappo Tamura: Like a teeny-boppin’ Justin Bieber groupie, I pretty much follow co-owners Taichi Kitamura and Steve Tamura wherever they go: Chiso back in the day when they owned it, their playful 80’s-themed Japanese Izakaya Showa, and Eastlake Zen sushi haven Sushi Kappo Tamura.  So it is no surprise I am excited for the debut of Sushi Kappo Tamura’s weekend lunch, starting this Saturday, 11/3 from 11am-2pm.

Photograph courtesy of Sushi Kappo Tamura

In addition to serving up sushi, Kitamura recently shared a sneak preview of the new items he is adding to the weekend lunch mix:

  • Lunch “Gozen” platter ( combination of three kinds of Nimono, Sashimi, main couse , miso soup of the day, steamed rice and mini dessert ) $25
  • Japanese breakfast platter ( combination of three kinds of Nimono, broiled wild Alaskan sockeye, egg dish of the day, miso soup of the day, steamed rice and mini dessert) $18
  • America’s best Nabeyaki udon (udon noodles, gulf prawn tempura, manila clam, duck breast, shiitake mushroom, organic egg, homemade millet mochi in an special umami broth) $18

Happy Eating and Stay Classy, Seattle.

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