Roll with Jen Goes To Japan

Anthony Bourdain? Andrew Zimmern? I think we’ve seen enough old white guys traveling around, sweating and being grumpy. Everyone loves the food, the travel and the exotic lands, but it’s time for something new – a charismatic, badass FEMALE.

Roll With Jen is a show that is as fast-paced, intelligent and hilarious as Jen is.

Jen is an Asian-American woman raised in the Midwest who went on to live all over the country and abroad. ROLL WITH JEN is the travel show that finally appeals to a younger generation of travelers.

Travel has changed and so has the traveler. FOOD FOCUSED, CULTURALLY-INTELLIGENT, FASHION-FORWARD and ECO-CONSCIOUS, this show will feature travel that speaks to this generation.

To see more video coverage of Roll with Jen, check out the Kickstarter video she launched to raise money for the Japan shoot.