Roll with Jen: Seattle Sizzle

In Roll with Jen’s latest venture, she explores unconventional dining experiences and adventures in Seattle. They are the ones you won’t hear about from tour guide operators or guide books: High-end coffee from an Airstream trailer, a look at Seattle’s musical roots with one of Seattle’s most revered DJs at KEXP, sushi served out of a truck, and an elaborate urban mountain bike park to name a few.

About the Host

Jen is an Asian-American woman raised in the Midwest who went on to live all over the country and abroad. ROLL WITH JEN is the travel show that finally appeals to a hipper generation of travelers.

Travel has changed and so has the traveler. FOOD FOCUSED, CULTURALLY-INTELLIGENT, FASHION-FORWARD and ECO-CONSCIOUS, this show will feature travel that speaks to this generation.

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Featured in the video

Larry Rose, veteran KEXP DJ
Chelsey Watson-Walker, Brandon Paul Weaver, and Nik Virrey of Slate Coffee
Tsering Ga Ga of Garden Sushi
Dustin Ronspies, Derek Ronspies of Art of the Table 
Dustin Watson, Rick Fox of Von Trapp’s
Matthew Amster-Burton, writer and author of Pretty Good Number One and Hungry Monkey
Mark Williams, urban mountain bike god
Art Stone of Honest Biscuits
Jesse and Sheena of My Sweet Lil Cakes


Producer and Writer: Bert Klasey, Baron Visuals
Editor: Scott Babcock, Scott Babcock Productions
Master of Sound: Jason Alberts, Sumosound
Director of Photography: Chris Baron, Baron Visuals