Six Coins Wins the Heart of the Business Crowd

October 16, 2012 | 0 Comments.

The Truck: Six Coins; Locations can be found on their Facebook page.

The Fare: Japanese fare.

The Stop: As I approach the Japanese food truck nestled between a forest of trees and a nondescript office park in Bellevue, for a moment I am disoriented and can’t remember if I am out for a hike or heading to a client meeting.

I am shaken out of my haze by an outpouring of enthusiasm, coming from four business people primarily clad in crisp white button downs and pleated pants.

Food truck virgins, I suspect, especially after hearing them ask for a “special request” on a three dollar 3-piece sushi roll. As they furiously try to figure out how to divvy up the 3-piece roll between the four of them (apparently, ordering another roll is not an option; Brooks Brothers must be having an upcoming sale), one of the four musketeers proudly announces, “Let’s have them slice the roll into 4 pieces.” (Intrigued by the mobile food and sushi combo? See also Maguro & Petrol at Garden Sushi).

As I roll my eyes, co-owner Alice Kobori politely and congenially obliges because she is cool like that. In addition to friendly customer service, good portion sizes appear to be a consistent theme.

Co-owners and married couple Moto and Alice Kobori serve their chicken katsu sandwich with a generous heap of meat and sauce, so much so that it makes you wonder if the bun will adequately support the mass of meat. It does.

The $8 chicken katsu platter is densely filled with so many goodies that you almost need to build up your upper body strength to lug your meal away. The big boy parcel consists of a three-part food fest: Cold sesame noodles the way my mom used to make them, romaine lettuce with a miso dressing, and eight thick slices of breaded chicken cutlets in a chunky ground pork curry sauce with a couple scoops of rice underneath. The curry sauce has a perfect hint of spice for a Fall day.

Don’t leave without washing it all down with a jasmine milk tea from Shinka Tea in the University District.

Are you a West sider vehemently opposed to driving over the bridge? Amazonians and other South Lake Union compadres, look out for Six Coins in a food truck cluster withCrisp CreperieI Love my GFF, and others on 400 Fairview.

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Level-Up, and Gold

Six Coins is a great foray for food truck novices and an ideal spot for food truck regulars: Reasonably priced, great service, and big ol’ portions.

This shiny one-month-old truck gets an 8 bonsai trees out of 10 from me.

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First published in Seattle Weekly’s Voracious on October 9th, 2012



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