Exterior side wall of Evo snowboard/ski shop - So cool my pink tandem wanted a picture with it

Sneak preview: The Fremont Collective

August 24, 2011 | 3 Comments.

Exterior of the Fremont Collective - H O T


Are you a big fan of  Walrus and Carpenter, Staple and Fancy, and Revel?  Well, get excited for evo Properties’ newest development venture – The Fremont Collective.

Scheduled to launch in spring 2012, this massive 25,500 square foot building on the Fremont/Wallingford border of 35th and Stone Way will house a mix of office space, restaurants, and retail, all the while retaining the 7,000 square foot Inner Space Skate Park underneath.

In the past two years, the three precociously ambitious partners of evo Properties have wrangled renowned chefs such as Ethan Stowell, Renee Erickson, Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi to set up shop in two of their completed projects:  Ballard’s Kolstrand Building and Fremont’s Revel/Quoin.  Like a My Little Pony on crack, I am chomping at the bit to see which top-notch restaurants end up in the Collective.

Wide-open possibilities await


evo Properties has a knack for transforming obsolete buildings and dead spaces located in Seattle’s hip neighborhoods.

Foot traffic has exponentially increased since the opening of one of Ballard's most sought out destinations - Walrus and Carpenter in the Kolstrand Building


I would love to see one of Ethan Stowell’s upcoming casual restaurants open its doors in the Fremont Collective, preferably the popular chef’s fish and chips-themed eatery in the works.  On a retail front, I have my fingers crossed for a cool sneaker shop that will match my favorite kicks shop in San Francisco – Shoe Biz.

What is on your wish list for the Collective’s retail and restaurant space?

Exterior side wall of Evo snowboard/ski shop, which is another evo Properties success story - So cool my pink tandem wanted a picture next to it



3 Responses to “Sneak preview: The Fremont Collective”

  1. That sounds exciting! The building’s colored squares always catch my eye when I’m driving by – glad to know what’s inside, with good things to come.

    I found your blog looking for Seattle eats and yours is my favorite thus far :)

    • Jen (Roll with Jen)

      Thanks for the kind feedback. Glad to hear you have been intrigued by the colorful building, too.

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