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Ask Jen: Copper River Salmon

Dear Jen –   What is the best restaurant in Seattle to get really delicious Copper River salmon? Or just really good fresh fish? Thanks for your help! – A   Dear A – This is the question of the century and one I spent my first year living in Seattle trying to answer. With the Pike […]

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Ask Jen: Missing Hawaii…

Dear Jen, My husband loves Hawaiian food, and has been jonesin’ for some good pig ever since our recent trip to the Big Island. Any tips on some good grub that will take him back to the sun, sand, and surf? Mahalo! – k Dear k – I recently hit up Wallingford’s unassuming-looking Hawaiian Breeze.  From the […]

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Ask Jen: Anniversary dinner

Hi Jen – My husband and I are looking forward to a quiet (yet still hip) night out without the kids to celebrate our anniversary.  We live in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  Any suggestions? Thanks, -m Hi m – Happy Anniversary!  Here are my thoughts on cool places to have a relaxing dinner with your man.  […]

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