Not bad for a 30 something year old

The Mayor of North Seattle: Interview with evo’s founder

December 8, 2011 | 0 Comments.

When you see people sporting the latest winter gear on the mountains or enjoying dinner at Fremont’s Revel and Ballard’s Walrus and Carpenter in once abandoned spaces, you have evo founder Bryce Phillips to thank.

I first met the mastermind behind evo and partner of evo Properties six years ago.  Phillips was riding his bike around Fremont, making periodic stops to converse with neighborhood locals.  Six years later, not much has changed.  The energetic professional skier can be found having a drink at iconic Copper Gate or peeking his head in at Ethan Stowell’s Staple and Fancy, one of evo Properties’ completed development projects, to say hi to the staff and catch up with regulars.

Not bad for a 30 something year old

Phillips and his partners Chad Dale and Ira Gerlich are working on their latest cutting edge project, 25,000 square foot Fremont Collective, currently scheduled to launch in spring 2012.  Be prepared for an all-star line-up of restaurants, retail and office space.  Hint: One of Seattle’s most talked-about husband and wife chef/owner duo is planning on setting up shop in the Collective.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Revel for the food, energy, and location (biased). I also love Mezcaleria de Oaxaca on Queen Anne among many others. Seattle is surging with exceptional eats.

What do you like to do when you are not busting your butt at work?

Travel, ski, bike, and kitesurf with my wife Elise.

If you were an airplane pilot and you could only fly between two cities for the rest of your life, what two cities and why?

Seattle and Bali (Denpasar) because both of these locations have  the best of both worlds – great people, beaches, mountains, food, views, culture the list goes on.

What ingredients do you wish were easier to obtain in Seattle? (E.g. Mangoes, certain types of seafood)

I guess that I’m not that exotic.  I seem to find everything we need, but it would be cool to get mangoes year round.


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