Knock-out presentation

Part 1: Ramen-off on Ramen row (Vancouver, BC)

January 11, 2012 | 3 Comments.

I am not embarrassed to admit part of my motivation in planning a recent trip to Whistler was to make a food pit stop in Vancouver.

This time, my target was a ramen-off (which sounds far more grand than what it really is – pretty much just me eating a bunch of ramen) and my destination was Denman Street, which is conveniently located in close proximity to the retail thoroughfare of Robson Street.

Denman Street, otherwise known as ramen row, has a monopoly of ramen shops, including the three most talked about noodle pilgrimage destinations:  Motomachi, Kintaro and Santouka.

Motomachi:  If I lived in Vancouver, Motomachi would be my everyday go-to ramen joint and the Bamboo-Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen would be my dish of choice.  $9.75 gets you a generous portion of BBQ pork and noodles, adorned with sliced chili pepper, soft-boiled egg, angel-haired Japanese leek, and other veggie and spice delights.  Coupled with the grayish broth’s clean mild taste, I start to believe Motomachi’s claim this dish has digestive health benefits.

Knock-out presentation

Note:  A local crowd pleaser is the  BBQ pork Shio ramen with a side of extra BBQ pork because the more piggy, the better.

This is the place to go if:

  • You are health conscious, but do not want to sacrifice taste. Motomachi uses organic ingredients as much as possible and their broth doesn’t leave my mouth with a greasy residue feeling.
  • You regard hard-boiled eggs as Satan.  Motomachi prepares their organic eggs in true 6-minute style so the yolk stays bright yellow and soft instead of flavorless and chalky.
  • You want some peace – Ramen shops are known to be small, loud and crowded, but I am somehow able to carve out a safe haven of  Zen tranquility in this petite and hustling spot.
Slurping is HOT - If your date still wants to go out with you after seeing you slurp, he/she is a keeper

Up next:  Part 2:  Santouka and Kintaro.

Address:  740 Denman Street.


3 Responses to “Part 1: Ramen-off on Ramen row (Vancouver, BC)”

  1. Jen, I love fatter noodles, are they fatter? or the thinner type? omg you are making me soooo hungry for ramen right now and i heart soft onzen egg, and when they are done right, they are awesome. And yes, more piggy the better, so agree. Thanks for all the great info!! Love reading your blog

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